Bradfields History

In the 1950’s Kevin’s parents (Graeme and June, better known as Pop and Nanny) purchased the farm on Ngahape road.  The 110 hectares were brought with Kevin’s Grandfather.  His name was Alan Bradfield White, hence the name Bradfield Farm Limited which was established in 1966.

In assisting to developing the flat swampy farm, Pop chose maize.  But when he had problems finding a reliable contractor to harvest his crop, he decided to purchase his own. That was Bradfields first combine harvester.

With the farm established, Pop and Kevin turned their skills to manufacturing and exporting spray units to Australia. As a teenager Kevin helped out in the workshop.

Kevin brought Bradfields and slowly started to build the contracting division up, while June and Graeme enjoyed sailing to the islands trips abroad while still living on the farm.

Like his Dad, Kevin had the need for a digger.  So he and a neighbour Ed Kay went halves.  It was the first purchase of many under and the company Rural Contractors Limited.  This business was subsequently sold in 2020.

By the time Kevin and Kirsten married in the early 2000’s the plant had grown on the machinery side and the services Bradfields could provide had expanded.  Kevin asked Kirsten to help on the business and today Bradfields consists of a considerable fleet, modern office and a Team that is renowned for their loyalty.

In partnership to the contracting division, Kevin and Kirsten manage their highly producing dairy farm.  A 60Ha neighboring block was purchased in 2017 to extend the milking platform.  Mike Crawford  has been with the farm since  2005 and, in 2020, brought the herd to become the Sharemilker at Bradfields.  The aim is to achieve 500 milk solids per cow this coming season.

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