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Pasture Renovation

We have two Horsch Pronto systems drills for sowing seed, fert and slug bait.  These drills have two rows of discs for light cultivation and leveling.  Fert is placed separately from the seed and between seed rows (no seed burn).  Seed firmirs eliminate seed bounce and enhance seed to soil contact resulting in superior seed strike.   Effective and efficient post turnip/chicory and maize harvest utilising optional tillage discs, 6 inch row spacing and ample row unit down pressure to penetrate even the most difficult soil conditions.

Erth Subsoiler for breathing new life into existing pasture lift and loosen with minimal pasture disturbance
Separate surface sowing of clover available upon request.

Where full cultivation is required we have a 6.2 metre roller drill with computerised rate controller for accurate seed metering, distribution and even consolidation and establishment of your new grass. Our roller drill is fitted with levelling boards, this gives a far smoother and superior job especially when returning pastures to permanent grass and sowing brassicas. It is fitted with cameras, to watch for bridging and seed flow. Generally we roll-sow-roll and use to roll those pugged paddocks and over sow with new grass as required.

Pasture is the cheapest form of feed available, phone us to discuss how you can maximise your paddocks potential.

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