Key Staff at Bradfields

  • Kevin White

    Director and Co-Founder of Bradfields (Bradfield Farm Ltd) and Rural Contractors Ltd.

    Kevin loves anything with four wheels and that involves people. Kevin stipulates that team members must have a sense of humour in their employment contracts. Kevin has traded the golf clubs in to help coach his children’s sports teams. He still manages a spot of fishing and sailing whenever possible. Kevin is also a board member of four other companies, and has extensive knowledge in finance and project management.

  • Kirsten White, BSc

    Director of Bradfields

    Kirsten’s main roles are planning, marketing, technology and health and safety but she will be found filling in the gaps where required. With three primary school children she works between home and the office. That is when she is not at the gym, walking, playing netball or touch rugby.

  • Phill Daniels

    Harvest Division Manager.

    Phill is the man you contact if you require any maize or grass silage, truck haulage for animal bedding or metal. His desk is always immaculate, and so are his organisation skills. He has been the head member of the Team since 2003. Phill and Tania have two children and are enjoying their new mokopuna.

  • Rex Fare

    Rex brings a wealth of knowledge and wears many hats; from grain specialist, managing lease blocks, seeding and chemical recomendations to purchasing and repairs and maintence.  All of which keep the fleet rolling.  He has been a member of the team since the late 1990’s.  Rex lives locally with his wife Kirsty and three young children.

  • Jono Gibbs

    Cultivation and Baleage Manager.

    Jono has been in the Bradfields office since 2014 looking after the cultivation, spraying, crop managing and planting/drilling jobs. And although Jono has swapped the tractor seat for an office chair, he will still be found behind the wheel whenever he gets the chance. Jono and Lisa have 2 pre-schoolers.

  • Michael Crawford

    This is coming up Mike’s eleventh season of managing Bradfield Farm dairy farming operations. Recently a new feed pad and two underpasses (increasing the milking platform) have also minimised the impact of droughts and further assisted increasing production.

  • Marnie Watson,

    Dip Accy

    Marnie is Bradfields Office Administrator and has a diploma in accountancy. Marnie keeps fit with her horses, farmwork and netball. She lives locally with her teenage son.