Seasonal 2015-2016

Well everyone, I haven’t updated for a while! We have had lots going on with Team Bradfield.

We have had the very sad passing of Bradfields Farm Limited (1966) founder Graeme White. Pop is a deeply missed member of our Team. My right hand girl Kirsten has also had breast cancer, and after nearly two years, completed her rigorous treatments. We are indebted to the Team for having our backs and carrying out their roles in an exemplary way during these extremely tough times.

2015 also showed lower maize silage, and dairy pricing and now 2016 is suffering further decline. We have had a good hard look at our business(s), our costs, and we have tried to gain efficiencies where we can. All the time while striving to absorb this hardship without sacrificing our expletory level of Bradfields service.

A lot of our efficiencies come from technology. The benefit of GPS guidance and precision planting to our customers is great. We have got all three of our choppers yield mapping providing more information therefore enabling farmers to make more informed decisions.

Maize Silage

Phill and the team have been working with clients to work out the best solutions for their farms during this downturn period. They have done a great job and many people are now blending – growing on farm and buying some in. Because of this, we have seen our areas of Maize grown remain relatively stable.

Grass Silage

Grass grown on farm is the cheapest form of feed, and with many farmers destocking and favourable weather, this has been strong and busy grass silage season for us. It is important to keep pastures in top notch condition to get the gains in this area. Talk to Jono about how we can help maximise your returns.

Grain Maize

We have had an increase in the Maize grain areas grown. For some of our customers this seems to be a really good fit to their operations, which is why we added a new combine to the fleet last year. It is fitted with yield mapping and the latest chopping head that Rex imported from Italy.

Health & Safety

Risk is part of farming and contracting. With modification to the new health and safety laws in April we trust you are taking all sensible steps to manage yours.

On Farm

Well, like most involved in the dairy farming industry we are hurting and finding it really tough going. We have destocked but are grateful for the grass growth through the season.

So, Kirsten has had the all clear, and it’s great to have my darling wife back on deck and working away. And once again, we are grateful to all the team for their help and support over the past year or so. It would be extremely hard to manage without any of them.

And to you, in these trying times, if there is anything we can do to help your farming business please do not hesitate to contact us. We are here to help, to be part of the solution not the problem.

So at Team Bradfields we are looking forward, blazing a trail and keeping our fingers crossed for an up-turn in the dairy sector.

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