Seasonal 2015-2016

Well everyone, I haven’t updated for a while! We have had lots going on with Team Bradfield.

We have had the very sad passing of Bradfields Farm Limited (1966) founder Graeme White. Pop is a deeply missed member of our Team. My right hand girl Kirsten has also had breast cancer, and after nearly two years, completed her rigorous treatments. We are indebted to the Team for having our backs and carrying out their roles in an exemplary way during ··· Read More>

Summer 2014

Bradfields latest addition to the management team comes with experience in both farming and contracting. Jono Gibbs has successfully managed high performing large herd dairy farms as well as worked with contractors in the South Island.

Jono believes this combined experience helps him to better understand both his drivers, and clients, in his new role as Bradfields Operation Manager “I know how important it is to have a skilled contracting firm like Bradfields on farm.”

Bradfields are consistent with the ··· Read More>

Winter 2014

Wow, what a maize silage harvest!

We started two weeks earlier than usual and finished four weeks earlier than normal. Luckily we had the weather on our side for such a compact and hectic season.

All the Team stepped up and did a fantastic job, ensuring all crops were harvested at their optimal time resulting in maximum yields. Always done with a sense of humour and the usual Team Bradfields efficient, professional manner. Well done Team!!

On top of everything ··· Read More>

On the road again

The agricultural contracting industry has changed hugely in the last 30 years. Just ask Kevin and Kirsten White from Bradfields near Te Awamutu, a business that has succeeded in changing with the times.

As a loose measure of how well your agricultural contracting business is tracking, Bradfields Kevin White has a fast and easy method – just take a look at your implement shed. Or rather, how much of your gear won’t fit in your implement shed.

“We built a ··· Read More>

Autumn Harvest

Harvesting is well underway and we are once again running three high capacity Claas forage harvesters.

Two of these machines have yield mapping and moisture recording.  This provides information to better help our clients understand their crops and help with feed budget planning.

Coming into March we have found the areas north of Te Awamutu are drying out quicker than the areas south of Te Awamutu, especially on the sandy soils.  We are endeavouring to provide our ever efficient Bradfields ··· Read More>